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Adventure - RiverWatch


The award-winning RiverWatch Institute of Alberta is a non-profit registered charity delivering four watershed education programs - the namesake RiverWatch School Program; CreekWatch Citizen Science; Summer River Ambassador Outreach; and Youth Climate Leadership Challenge.  In each of the programs - whether involving students, community volunteers, public or families - participants learn about their local river ecosystem and have the opportunity join a rafting trip. Rafting aboard our giant blue rubber buses takes everyone out into the natural world and right into the midst of ecology, wildlife, history, geology, science and river engineering. Our programs showcase rivers like nothing participants have seen before and create an experience they’ll never forget!



RiverWatch provides one-of-a-kind and meaningful opportunities to work outdoors in a team environment.

Experience RiverWatch

Teachers book their students into the RiverWatch Program believing in the importance of hands-on learning in the real world.

Support RiverWatch

Your donation creates one-of-a-kind learning opportunities and student scientists who learn first-hand about the importance of our rivers.


We hope you’ll join us for a Youth Climate Leadership Conference in Calgary or Edmonton!


All RiverWatch programs engage participants in authentic science. We provide the tools and instruction that help answer the question “How healthy is my creek or river? Through first-hand data collection and observation, participants generate their own conclusions!

River Map - RiverWatch

"RiverWatch seeks to advance education by organizing and delivering programs, projects, science curriculum supplements, field studies and tours that assist teachers, students and others in the study of the environment."



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