June Floods 2013

Calgary flood repairs were completed over the summer and just in the nick-of-time to allow raft access along the Bow River. Heritage Drive at the take-out is now repaved and the Graves Landing boat launch is rebuilt.

Edmonton was only slightly impacted by June floods and minor repairs have been made to our usual river access points.

The Fall 2013 season will continue our experiment to run two bus units and rafts in Calgary.

We’re good to go on all fronts!

Spring Season 2013

The Spring Season 2013 began an experiment to place two bus units and rafts into service in Calgary. It was a challenge to coordinate parking for two buses at the same put-in and take-out locations, but we did it!

Ft. McMurray and Calgary rain impacted our ability to be on those rivers and we ran the first two weeks of June trips in Calgary as land-based programs. Good science and education was delivered but without the fun of a raft float. Little did we know that our Bow River would soon flood and washout the opportunity of a community summer program.