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Interpretation Canada Awards 2012

RiverWatch is celebrating our first recognition by Interpretation Canada!

Our awards submission "Edmonton Program" received an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Awards Competition in the category of "Personal Interpretation".

Two videos were submitted as part of application process and we'd like to thank and congratulate our two movie stars - Sarah Michaud and Warren Bowen.  Well done!

Sarah was video recorded as she asked students to close their eyes and heighten their senses while she slowly spun their raft in a 360 degree circle.  Participants heard birds, jackhammers, road noise and felt the warmth of the sun on their faces - and then had an "Ah Ha!" moment understanding why trees grow where they do along river banks.

Warren was video recoreded as he concluded a raft trip with an analogy - science is like a lens allowing us to see things more clearly.  Apparently, Warren's world is a bit fuzzy without his glasses!

RiverWatch is unique in its interpretation of science and river ecology - there aren't many interpretive programs conducted while floating in large 15-passenger rubber tour busses.  We're pleased that the unique education program we offer has been recognized in a national competition - way to go, everyone!